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nine months

Abbey’s Hope

Did you know that drowning is second only to car crashes as the leading cause of unintentional death among children. One of the hidden dangers is pool drains. Between the drains that are improperly maintained to those with faulty covers can kill, there are some steps you need to take: Avoid dangerous drains.  Before swimming, tie up your hair so that it … [Read more...] about Abbey’s Hope

Apple Seed Boutique

I remember the days when I had to find maternity clothes when I was pregnant with both Madison (6) and Will (3).  I have to admit that maternity clothes have come a long way in the three short years that I've been pregnant.  I absolutely adore the clothes you can find at Apple Seed Boutique.  They are beyond cute.  They also look super comfy too which is very … [Read more...] about Apple Seed Boutique

Apple Seed Boutique

Though my kids are a little older now (3 and 6), I do remember what it was like to try and find maternity clothes. I have to admit -- in the last three years, maternity clothes have gotten so much more stylish. I've been checking out Apple Seed Boutique, and they have some great maternity items. One of the first things that caught my eye was these … [Read more...] about Apple Seed Boutique