Deluxe 2-in-1 Cozy Roadster Giveaway!

Deluxe 2-in-1 Cozy Roadster Giveaway

I always love to get involved in a great giveaway that I think you all will love.  That's why I wanted to be involved in the Little Tikes Deluxe 2-in-1 Cozy Roadster giveaway.  This is a product that my kids would have loved when they were younger.  With the help of mom and dad, kids can zoom around in this fun character car! Product Features Shade … [Read more...]

1-2-3 Dinosaur Bites

Gobble, gobble, munch, and crunch: watch the pages disappear! Five hungry dinosaurs--from mighty little Microraptor to colorful Carnotaurus--sink their teeth into this tasty novelty book, created with the American Museum of Natural History and Caldecott-honor winner Steve Jenkins. Kids can count along as the dinosaurs take bite-sized chunks out of each page. … [Read more...]

What’s your favorite gameshow?

For me, this is an easy question.  I am a Jeopardy fan especially when it is teen week (which is about the only time I know a good number of answers).  For me, I choose Jeopardy for several reason.  First, it makes you use your brain.  On that show, being smart is a good thing.  You don't see people having to do stupid stunts to be able to make money.  I also … [Read more...]