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Herbal Magic

Herbal Magic helps over 40,000 clients annually meet their weight loss goals and live healthier lives! They don't sell pre-packaged foods or do group weigh-ins. Instead, they teach you about nutrition and how you can make healthy food choices, because if you want to keep the weight off, you have to change your style of thinking. You have to relook at your … [Read more...] about Herbal Magic

Eat To Win Giveaway!

Eat to Win was created by a concerned mom whose own child struggled with being overweight. Child obesity in America has become a major issue. An unhealthy lifestyle is a common problem among children and adults. Eat to Win was created to help encourage nutrition and exercise in fun and active games. The board game uses fun money to pay for landing on foods … [Read more...] about Eat To Win Giveaway!

5 Natural Mosquito Remedies

My friend Phish wrote up this list of natural mosquito remedies. It's a great list, and if it helps even one person not get bitten this summer, it was worth posting! 1. The blades of a spinning fan is the best way to kill mosquitos. Mosquitos can only fly in still air, and they do this mostly over stagnant water. The wind current of a running fan … [Read more...] about 5 Natural Mosquito Remedies


A new website has recently been launched to help us learn about infant nutrition and development. takes us on a unique and powerful visual journey through infant nutrition and development. You will learn how proper nutrition shapes development and how individual nutrients affect the senses, bone formation, and the immune system of … [Read more...] about InfantNutritionCenter