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Football Sunday

Bill has been gone to the Chicago Bears game all day.  The final score was 48-41, so needless to say, it really was a fun, interesting, nailbiting game.  He's on his way home right now ( I just called him), and they are still stuck in traffic!  Right now, I am watching the Green Bay Packers while I am waiting.  Being from Green Bay, I love when I am able to … [Read more...] about Football Sunday

Update on my weekend

Well, guess where I spent last evening? Five points to the person who guessed in the hospital. No worries -- no baby. I tripped and fell yesterday on my stomach and had to go get checked out. While I was there, I started into my preterm labor contractions. They hooked me up to an IV and gave me drugs all night to stop them. I got to leave this morning … [Read more...] about Update on my weekend