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Pictures of Will

By popular demand, I just took some pictures of Will right after Bill fed him (thought I should mention this since I noticed he still had his lunch on his face when I took these pictures) and he was still snacking on Cheerios. He is such a big boy now! Every time we bring him places everybody can't believe how big he has gotten.  Without further delay, … [Read more...] about Pictures of Will

The Altitude

I always thought altitude sickness was just kinda made up. Well, now being in Arizona, I have definitely learned different. We are on the second level of our building, so we have to walk down a flight of stairs and then walk up another flight to get to our car (it is hard to explain, but you would have to see it know what I am talking about). I will admit … [Read more...] about The Altitude

Update on the sick kids

Madison is still running a fever anywhere between 100 - 104 degrees.  As soon as the Motrin Cold kicks out, her fever spikes back up.  As soon as the Motrin Cold kicks in, her temperature goes back down, and she starts acting like herself.  I feel bad for her.  I am seriously considering keeping her home tomorrow from preschool even if her temp is down.  She … [Read more...] about Update on the sick kids

Gloves In A Bottle

I have just started using Gloves In A Bottle to help battle the effects of a Chicago winter. Days like today (when with the wind chill it is below zero) are the very reason I need this new skincare item. The part I love about Gloves In A Bottle is that it does not wash off. With two little ones, I find myself constantly washing my hands. With other … [Read more...] about Gloves In A Bottle