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Go Packers!!!!

I stayed up to watch the end of the game, and I am so glad I did.  Wow!  It was awesome!!!  The game went into overtime and Brett threw an 82 yard touchdown pass!  Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That makes the Packers 6 - 1!!!  We felt bad, so we let the Bears win when they did.  :) … [Read more...] about Go Packers!!!!


My goodness.  How the heck could the Packers have 5 turnovers tonight (there may have been more that's what I counted)?  I hate to admit that they deserve to lose when you have that many turnovers.  The Bears/Packer game is always a good one, and this one did not disappoint. … [Read more...] about Packers

Go Packers!

Yes, I am in Illinois.  However, I am from Wisconsin, so I have to root for the Green Bay Packers.  I use to live within walking distance of the Lambeau Field.  Right now, I have my Brett Favre jersey on, and Bill has his Brian Urlacher jersey on.  I would just like to say that the Packers are winning.  :)  Go Pack Go!!! … [Read more...] about Go Packers!

Go Packers!

Yes, I live in Illinois. I know you think I should be rooting for the Bears. However, I grew up in Green Bay. I use to sell programs at the Packer games. I have actually seen part of a Packer/Bear football game on the field. My parents live within walking distance from there too. Plus, besides football, there is not much more going on. Today, I wish … [Read more...] about Go Packers!