Kitchen Changes

I'd love to remodel my kitchen.  However, Bill won't let do any big money changes until the kids are older (and can't wreck it.  Though I don't know why he doesn't think they can wreck it when they are older!).  Instead, I keep making cosmetic changes like adding an island kitchen cart (or was it a drop leaf kitchen cart), redoing the counters, buying new ...continue reading

Art Gripper

I've always got things I want to be hanging on the kids's bedroom walls. However, it is very difficult to find something that doesn't take the paint off the walls or that doesn't leave a gooey mess.Art Gripper is exactly what I needed!  I have used it in Madison's room to hang a ginormous poster of a dog.  I've also used Art Gripper to hang poster board ...continue reading

Nancy Drew Games Review

Can you believe it has been 12 years since the first Nancy Drew computer game came out? Me either! Secrets Can Kill was the start of a great legacy of great games for girls (like the books!). Even though the Nancy Drew games are for ages ten and up, it is a game I can play with my daughter who is six. I don't have to worry about content not appropriate ...continue reading

Why do projects always take longer than they should?

I hope everyone had a relaxing Memorial weekend. Unfortunately, I did not.  I started a project that should have taken me a day (or so I thought).  Since we moved Will to a toddler bed, I wanted to reflect that in his room decor.  At the time, it seemed like a great idea.How hard is it to remove a wallpaper border?  Extremely hard!  Bill took the kids to ...continue reading