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Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Giveaway! #MSIsummerbrain #ad

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Are your kids on summer vacation yet? Mine have been out since June 4th! I've allowed them to relax so far this summer, but I do worry about brain drain. They are signed up for summer camp, but I love that the Museum of Science and Industry has a great Summer … [Read more...] about Chicago Museum of Science and Industry Giveaway! #MSIsummerbrain #ad

Mr. Lid

Sometimes I like to use my blog as a platform for good. As you all know, I am from Green Bay Wisconsin, so when I see a company in Wisconsin good, I like to applaud them for it. If they make a great product, all the better! Mr. Lid is the company I want to tell you about. As a mom, I always have leftovers and Mr. Lid has one of those products that you … [Read more...] about Mr. Lid

The Orange One

All morning Madison kept telling me she wanted the orange one.  I, of course, had no idea what she was talking about.  I tried naming off everything I could think of that was orange, and that is not what she wanted.  Finally, she took me to the pantry that we keep the cereal in and started pointing.  I then knew who the "orange one" was. Tony the Tiger on … [Read more...] about The Orange One

Weekend Update

Yeah, I know it is Tuesday, and I am finally getting around to post about our weekend. We had a busy weekend and got a lot done. We spent Saturday morning shopping for a new tub setup (The tub we have now is flaking). We found a Whirlpool tub that he liked and in our price range, so I think we will be getting that. We also decided to do a plastic surround … [Read more...] about Weekend Update