Osama bin Laden Dead — Now What?

"Tonight we give thanks to the men who carried out this mission. They exemplified the professionalism, patriotism and unparalleled courage of those who serve our country."- President Obama I'm not celebrating. How do you celebrate the death of any person? However, I'm not shedding a tear for somebody who masterminded the killing of 3000 Americans. … [Read more...]

Wednesdays Hero

Sgt. Frank T. Carvill 51 years old from Carlstadt, New Jersey 3rd Battalion, 112th Field Artillery June 04, 2004 When Frank T. Carvill told his sister he had been called up to go to Iraq, she was stunned. "Gee, Frank, are you going to be part of the AARP battalion?" she teased. Carvill joined the Guard in the 80's out of a sense of patriotism. He was … [Read more...]