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Bad, Bad, Bad Sunday

I hate when your day starts off so well and then quickly goes downhill from there.  Sunday morning was one of those days.  Sunday started with the kids sleeping in till ten.  Yes, ten.  I was just as surprised.  I also decided that we were going to go to church.  I swear my husband is sometimes worse than the kids because he whined more than they did.  My … [Read more...] about Bad, Bad, Bad Sunday

Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive

I am a diehard Pampers fan.  My kids are pee machines, and no other diaper held up better than Pampers.  My favorite Pampers diapers have to be the Pampers Swaddlers.  Now, I am super excited to announce that Pampers has a new Swaddlers on the market.  They are called Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive.  These diapers are both hypoallergenic and very gentle for your … [Read more...] about Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive

Ten Things I Learned While I Was At Pampers/P & G

1.  Use Head and Shoulders as a body wash.  It removes fungus, athlete's foot, etc 2.  Their mission statement is Happy healthy baby development 3.  According to studies that Pampers has done, babies who sleep uninterrupted all night function better in the morning. Keep the moisture away from their behind and they won't wake up at night! (well, except … [Read more...] about Ten Things I Learned While I Was At Pampers/P & G


We had a very interesting episode at my house this morning.  Will had a little diaper accident that ended up all over my living room floor (and let's say it wasn't pee!).  Not only did it smell, it was stuck to the floor (I know, I know TMI, but I could have taken pictures!) What does a mother do when incidents like this (and yes all mothers have at least … [Read more...] about PineSol