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I luck out that I live in a state that allows you to get rid of a speeding ticket by going to traffic school. They even offer it now that you can do it online. You are allowed to wipe out one ticket from your record every three years. You still do have to pay the fine though. However, if you live in states like California, you can't do that. You are … [Read more...] about Ticketbuster

He Peed on me!!!!

Sorry, this is both a funny yet gross story about what happened Sunday morning at my house. I am still laughing over it. About 4 am Sunday morning, I was feeding Will. I went to go change his diaper, and he was not happy. This woke Madison up, so she wanted to help me. She came flying into the nursery to help. Bill also decided to get up. Since I had … [Read more...] about He Peed on me!!!!

Bathroom Reading

I almost peed my pants laughing this morning. Madison told me she had to go potty. No biggie -- she likes her privacy, so I left her alone. Shortly after she went in there, I walked past the door. Guess what she was doing. She was sitting on the toilet reading a book. All I have to say -- like father, like daughter. LOL … [Read more...] about Bathroom Reading

This is wrong

As you all know, I am pro-choice. I don't believe in parental notification laws. I believe you can have an abortion for whatever reason you want. And yes I am a mother. And yes I was upset when I miscarried cuz that was a baby to me. However, IT IS MY CHOICE!!! And that's what the abortion debate is about. I am copying what I just found because it is … [Read more...] about This is wrong