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Broken Power Jack

I have been having computer issues for a while now. In Sept., my power cord quit working. I had to hold the power cord in awkward postions to make my battery charge. I bought a new power cord and that seemed to fix the issue. Then, about a month ago, it seemed that I kept smelling burnt plastic. I noticed that when my battery was charging. I also … [Read more...] about Broken Power Jack

Great Gadgets Part 2

Answering Machine You can tell that a TV Show or movie you're watching is over 30 years old when a character has to remain beside his/her telephone in order to get an important call. The first automatic answering machine was a 3 foot tall contraption invented in 1935. In 1971, PhoneMate introduced their $300 Model 400 answering machine. It was larger … [Read more...] about Great Gadgets Part 2