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10 Tips For The Perfect Christmas Card Photo

I don't know about you, but I like to send pictures of my kids with my Christmas cards.  It's even better when I can make the picture as part of the Christmas card.  That is why I thought I'd pass along some tips I've learned over the years: 1.  Take a camera where ever you go.  Sometimes you can get a great picture without even trying! 2.  Start early. … [Read more...] about 10 Tips For The Perfect Christmas Card Photo

The Flashcard Zoo

As you all know, I love fun and educational stuff and The Flashcard Zoo fits the bill.  We've been working with will to get him to talk more and what better way we thought than flashcards!  We picked the animal cards from them to use.  However, you are able to make your own customized cards. The thing I love the most about these cards is that they are … [Read more...] about The Flashcard Zoo

Sony Mommy Blogger Event

I am so bad. I have been so busy since I got back, I am finally now writing about this awesome event. I was contacted about this the day before my birthday (I know, what a great birthday present!!!). Sony wanted to talk to 15 mommy bloggers and give us some cameras (I didn't know this last part till the day before I left for the trip!). All expenses paid … [Read more...] about Sony Mommy Blogger Event


Today the photographer people are coming back to show me the pictures. Woo hoo!!! There are 2 that I know I want for sure. There is a family one, and there is one with Madison and Will. The problem is going to be deciding which ones I want of Will. I am hoping after I order them today, they get here shortly. We have one picture of Will up and we have 5 … [Read more...] about Photographer