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This is one bug you want in your house. Created by Innovation First International, the HEXBUG Nano is a tiny, 1.75 inch energetic micro robotic bug that uses the physics of vibration and robotic intelligence to maneuver around obstacles on smooth surfaces (or not so smooth, because my kids have tried every surface in this house, and you'd be amazed what this … [Read more...] about HexBugs

Baby Einstein World Animal Adventure

Baby Einstein World Animal Adventure is Baby Einstein's newest DVD out.  It's for kids 12 months and up and has been voted by moms as "a product they can't live without".  I would have to agree.  We are a Baby Einstein family, and this DVD is another favorite in our house.  If you don't read my other blog, Will, my 2 year old, is in speech therapy, and we've … [Read more...] about Baby Einstein World Animal Adventure