Bright Light Pillows

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Bright Light Pillows are the ultra plush, ultra fun pillows that light up in a rainbow of colors. They are perfect for kids (especially girls) who are too old for pillow pets but still want one of these pillows. The soft, magical glow of each design’s multi-colored LED lights make this pillow soothing enough for kids to fall asleep with and visually cool as … [Read more...]


SeatPets, the breakout star of last year’s Toy Fair, are plush pillows with a seat belt attachment that provide comfort and support to your child’s neck and head. They have compartments to stow snacks, drinks and toys, all while keeping your child happy and entertained. SeatPets are pretty awesome. They are super soft and cuddly. They also hold a ton of … [Read more...]

Sleep Number m7 bed

What is your Sleep Number? If you have never gone to a Sleep Number store, you have too. You will have no idea what you are missing if you don't! The family and I headed over to the nearest Sleep Number store this weekend and tried out their new m7 bed. (We also tried out some of the other Sleep Number beds also. Our hands down favorite was the m7 … [Read more...]

Rain, rain go away


It seriously has been raining in Chicago all week.  This has been the second rainiest April in history.  I can believe it too.  My alley (the one on the side of my house) has been flooded over a week.  The kids are climbing the walls (this has been the week of Madison's spring break).  Today, I've been watching the devastation that is down south and … [Read more...]