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I need to vent

There may be some swearing, so you have been warned. I just got a bill from a collection agency. Yes, a collection agency. Why am I so pissed? Because this is from my miscarriage last July. I have been fighting this bill since then. My insurance company was suppose to be picking up the bill since it was through the emergency room, so I only should … [Read more...] about I need to vent


How do I live in the only state in nation who cannot figure out how to get an accurate tally of the votes in a timely matter? We are still waiting to see who won for Cook County President here. The canidates are pissed and I do not blame them. At midnight last night, out of the 1700 districts not fully reported, 1600 of them were in Cook County. See a … [Read more...] about Voting

This is wrong

As you all know, I am pro-choice. I don't believe in parental notification laws. I believe you can have an abortion for whatever reason you want. And yes I am a mother. And yes I was upset when I miscarried cuz that was a baby to me. However, IT IS MY CHOICE!!! And that's what the abortion debate is about. I am copying what I just found because it is … [Read more...] about This is wrong