Dinosaur Train

Did you know that four brand new Dinosaur Train weather-themed episodes will be debuting the week of February 6? How awesome is that? Here is what you get to look forward too: “The Earthquake / Nursery Car” Premieres Monday, February 6 and repeats on Friday February 10 The kids experience their first earthquake when Mom takes them on a playdate to see Tank … [Read more...]

You’re invited to a Halloween Twitter Party sponsored by Tiny Prints!

I know Halloween is a time of year that I love. My favorite Halloween memory is the kids both running to the doors last year Trick Or Treating. Will, being all of 2, was just trying to understand what to do. After about 5 houses, he was done and just rode in the wagon. Madison could have went all night! LOL Though this year, since Halloween falls on the … [Read more...]

Talking Turkey & Help Me Please

I wish I had some great Thanksgiving stories.  However, we normally end up going to somebody elses house for Thanksgiving, so I dont' have to cook.  Ever.  Honestly, it is nice.  However, this year my parents are coming here for Thanksgiving, so I have to cook my own dinner (with some help from my mom I hope!  Though she won't be coming up till Thanksgiving … [Read more...]