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Why you shouldn’t talk to the police without a lawyer present

If you are not guilty, you should talk to the police, right?  Wrong!  By watching these two videos that I embedded below, I learned how the police can manipulate what you say and find you guilty of something you may have done!  They are long, but very interesting to see the police tactics.  This talk was given at a law school (I think).  This first video is … [Read more...] about Why you shouldn’t talk to the police without a lawyer present

The Girl In The Window

I have to thank Kat for showing me this story.  I have been debating if I should post about it tonight while I was still upset or wait till morning.  After reading this story, I am still in tears regarding this little girl. I have quoted the first part of the article, so you can understand the conditions this poor girl was living in. Photo Courtsey of … [Read more...] about The Girl In The Window

The Departed

Have you seen The Departed yet? If not, go rent it immediately. This movie is awesome. I will try and not make the plot too confusing. The mob sends somebody in to the police department to report back and the police send somebody into the mob to do the same. The audience knows who they are thought the characters in the movie do not. I do have to warn you -- … [Read more...] about The Departed