Bad Morning

I know there are a ton of people out there who think a stay at home moms life is simple and easy.  I wish.  Here's a snapshot of my morning -- First, Bill overslept by a lot (like over an hour) and he has a meeting this morning.  We are in the process of potty training Madison overnight, and she had an accident.  Will also woke up and wanted to fed at that ...continue reading

Potty Training

I have forgotten to mention that we are potty training Madison overnight now.  It started, because Bill thought I put a diaper on her and I thought he did it.  In last week, she has only had one accident overnight.  Of course, I just bought a new package of overnight diapers, but what are you going to do?  I am hoping that she continues to do this well. ...continue reading


I know, great title for a post. Here's the deal though. Since Madison was seventh months old, she has had pooping issues. We were actually doing semi-good with it (meaning she would actually poop every 2 - 3 days). Then we started potty training, and it has completely gone downhill since. I have tried everything anybody has said to try. Our current ...continue reading


I am afraid to move. We have been fighting all night to get Madison to bed. It is now 11 and I don't hear anything. However, that does not mean that she is sleeping. Any little noise and she may wake up. Rough day today. Don't feel good. Really tired. I know, why am I up at 11 if I am tired. Cuz somebody won't go to bed. We were doing really ...continue reading