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The Preschool Screening

My public school drives my absolutely bananas.  I wanted to get Madison's hearing screened just to make sure that there were no problems.  We thought maybe some of Madison's attention issues were due to her not hearing.  However, my school being the pain in butt that they are wouldn't do it unless we scheduled her to be prescreened for preschool through the … [Read more...] about The Preschool Screening

Lets Get Ready . . .

Madison and I have been reading both the Let's Get Ready For Kindergarten and Let's Get Ready For First Grade.  These books are great.  Even with Madison only being four, we are able to do activities out of both of these books.  The first thing I love is that we can write with our felt tip pens on these books and then erase when we are done with the … [Read more...] about Lets Get Ready . . .

Madison Update

This is probably only exciting to me, but Madison can write her own name without me spelling it for her! Obviously, this is something they have been working on at preschool, but I had no idea she could do it. We were working on some birthday cards and I told her to write her name. Normally, I have to spell it for her and help her with the letters she can't … [Read more...] about Madison Update