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Money Savvy Pig

With Madison only being 5, it's hard sometimes to get her to understand about money. At this point, she only understands that there is rectangle money and circle money. That being said they do have a treasure chest at school where you can donate money to (which, in turn, gets donated to the church. For those of you who don't know, Madison attends a … [Read more...] about Money Savvy Pig

Weird Coincidences

This is just weird -- really not too scary. When I got married, my mom was sad because her mom (my grandmother) could not be there.  (I was in 7th grade when she died.)  When it came to the point in the ceremony to light the unity candle, Bill and I did so.  We went to blow out our tapers and somehow blew out the unity candle.  Yes, everyone in church … [Read more...] about Weird Coincidences

Baptism Meeting

The meeting last night was not half as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Bill and I both laughed when the movie we had to watch was the same one we watched when we went to this meeting for Madison.  The priest gave us a really good history of the sacrament of baptism and what to expect that day.  Instead of taking 2 hours, we were done in about 45 minutes … [Read more...] about Baptism Meeting

Update to my church post

Well, I am not real impressed. We sat in the kids room. This didn't make sense to me. The singers were miked, and we could hear them clearly. The priest was not. I could not hear his sermon at all. I didn't go to church for an hour (well, we left during communion since there was no containing Madison anymore at that point, so it was more like 40 … [Read more...] about Update to my church post