Mrs. Green’s Natural Market Spring Celebration Event #GreenIsGood


Calling all my Chicago readers! Mrs. Green’s Natural Market will be hosting a spring celebration event Thursday, March 27, from 6-8:30 p.m. in the Chicago store located at 555 West Webster Ave. This free public event will include food samplings, live music and a special area for children’s activities. The in-store festivities will be complemented with special ...continue reading

Public administration

Public administration involves the daily operations and management of public organizations. Public administration relates to the public services offered to the public and regulating the behaviors of individuals for the benefit of the public at large. A few services offered by public agencies may be in the form of protecting the environment or protecting ...continue reading

Countdown to Christmas: Fashion Angels

Design a Heavenly Pet Wardrobe is one of the really cool products on the market that is geared towards older girls (8+). It allows them to design clothing and accessories for 5 paper dogs and embellish with the included glitter, ribbons, sequins, and stickers. You can make over a hundred different pet fashions with this! I love that it requires them to use ...continue reading

Coundown To Christmas: Hannah Montana Backstage Pass

Do you know any Hannah Montana fans? If so, Hannah Montana Backstage Pass is a must have book for them.  With this book, they will be able to go on tour and backstage with her.  We get to see behind-the-scenes glimpse of Hannah's life.  This book also has ten interactive elements including a removable backstage pass, a fashion wheel, concert program, posters, ...continue reading

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