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Best Marriage Proposal Ever!

All of the “life flashes before your eyes” scenes were recreations of moments from their life. She apparently had no idea it was a proposal until the final three seconds of the video, while they sat in a theater full of family and friends. It turns out he rented out a theater and invited their friends and family. This trailer played in the midst of some … [Read more...] about Best Marriage Proposal Ever!

Early Intervention

I question I seem to be getting a lot lately is how Early Intervention has been working for Will.  All I can say is that it is amazing.  I am so glad I pushed to get him into this program, because everyone has noticed a change with him.  Before, Will wasn't even trying to talk.  Instead, he'd point and grunt, and if you couldn't figure out what he wanted, he … [Read more...] about Early Intervention

My secret addiction: Deadliest Catch

I have few TV shows that I absolutely love. Deadliest Catch is one of those shows. It is on Discovery, and if you want to see real reality TV, this is it. Crab catching is one of the deadliest jobs out there, and Discovery has certainly drawn us in. You feel connected to these crews, and you find yourself pulling for them. I can't believe we are in Season … [Read more...] about My secret addiction: Deadliest Catch