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Interpreter Services

After spending Saturday with two 4 year olds and two one year olds, I often felt like I needed some interpreter services. Trying to figure out what the one year olds were trying to tell us was like pulling teeth.  Unfortunately, there is no such thing for toddlers.  However, on a more serious note, this would actually be a pretty cool profession.  My two … [Read more...] about Interpreter Services

Crabby Kids All That Fun Stuff

Anybody who has kids and has traveled over a holiday weekend knows of the fallout I am experiencing right now.  I am in the process of trying to get them on a schedule again.  It is like pulling teeth.  Will is so off that it isn't even funny.  I personally have about 2,000 things I need to get done today -- none of which is happening.  Bill also has to work … [Read more...] about Crabby Kids All That Fun Stuff


Rough day today. Had to run Madison to the doctor for stitches. She ended up with 4 stitches. It sucked. It was bad. I feel like a horrible mother. I haven't smoked in like 8 years and I'd love to go outside and have one right now. That's my day. She needs antibiotics now. And giving her medicine is like pulling teeth. Will be fun. … [Read more...] about Today