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Charity and Business

I got a call from one of my customers last week about donating some lia sophia items to her church raffle.  She had booked a show last November from me and is going to do one again this November.  (She is also the sister-in-law of Bill's cousin, so I kind of knew her before the show).  With the donated items (one was a ring and the other was a bracelet), I … [Read more...] about Charity and Business

lia sophia – games

Here's one of the games I play at every one of my lia sophia shows. This will work with other home show presentations too. I call it 20 questions or I have seen it called Ask me about my job. I have a roll of tickets that I bought at Office Depot. At the beginning of my presentation, I tell everyone that everytime they ask me a question about my … [Read more...] about lia sophia – games