Monster Party!

Monster Party! is about a great monster party.   Come and join the monster bash. There's spinning and pinning, high-fiving and jiving, and munching, crunching, and buggy-food lunching. When it all ends, Monster must leave his fun-loving friends. There's crying and sighing—until Monster discovers a happy surprise waiting for him at home. This ...continue reading

Why Is the Sea Salty?: And Other Questions about Oceans (Good Question!)

What kinds of animals live in the sea? What causes tides and waves? How deep is the ocean From the water cycle and ocean zones to fun facts about how some lost rubber duckies ended up helping ocean scientists, this Good Question! book teaches kids about the life aquatic. Why Is the Sea Salty?: And Other Questions about Oceans (Good Question!) will ...continue reading

10 Reasons You Should Go See The Hundred Foot Journey #Review #100FootJourneyEvent


I'll be honest, I am a picky movie watcher. I am usually a person who watches the stuff my kids like (Frozen) and I like action flicks too. I like a good comedy too. However, I didn't know if I was going to like The Hundred-Foot Journey. For those of you who haven't seen the previews for The Hundred-Foot Journey, here's a quick synopsis: In “The ...continue reading

10 Reasons Why You Have To Go See Guardians of the Galaxy #GuardiansOfTheGalaxyEvent


Yes, it is that time. Guardians Of The Galaxy finally opens tonight! I've been dying for you to see this awesome film, so we can discuss. The only reason I won't be seeing this film tonight is, because my family and I are driving across the country for our family vacation. We've only got about 16 hours in the car together. However, after we get to our ...continue reading