Don't Let the Pigeon Finish This Activity Book!

The Pigeon really, really wants to finish this activity book! But that pesky Duckling keeps getting in the way. Oh, and there's someone new on the scene causing all kinds of problems.... Follow the Bus Driver's lead as you write, color, draw, create--even build an airport!--in this fun-filled book starring the Pigeon and YOU!I love this book! It is huge ...continue reading

Holiday Fun

I love to play games, and I think my love of games has rubbed off on my children.  I'll play any board game against anyone.  I personally love Monopoly, but in 12 years, my husband has only one a few times (so for some reason, he doesn't want to play with me anymore).  However, this year, I think our game playing will be on our Wii.  We are having Christmas ...continue reading

What’s your favorite gameshow?

For me, this is an easy question.  I am a Jeopardy fan especially when it is teen week (which is about the only time I know a good number of answers).  For me, I choose Jeopardy for several reason.  First, it makes you use your brain.  On that show, being smart is a good thing.  You don't see people having to do stupid stunts to be able to make money.  I also ...continue reading

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