Doubting Thomas

I'm going to go somewhere on this blog that I really haven't before -- church.  As you all know, my daughter attends Catholic school.  Part of that deal is that we attend to church on Sundays (not that we didn't do that before.  However, I do have to admit that we go more now that she goes to school there).  I try not to go into too much religion here, ...continue reading

Government, Religion, and Thoughts

One of my Facebook "friends" (it's actually somebody I went to high school with) posted this statement as her status:In the face and grieving of tragedy we preach and praise God's word, yet come election time we leave it aside. Please help me understand this?!Now, if she was a blogger, this is clearly link bait to me. What surprised me was that she ...continue reading

Hallmark On A Bad Day

My tire was thumping.I thought it was flatWhen I looked at the tire...I noticed your cat.Sorry!************************************Heard your wife left you,How upset you must be.But don't fret about it...She moved in with me.************************************Looking back over the yearsthat we've been ...continue reading