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I have looked at more showers in the last year than I ever have wanted to.  We remodeled my upstairs bathroom and added a new shower last summer.  We also added a new tub and had to tear down all the tile that was there before (good times, let me tell you).  This summer we added a new bathroom to the basement downstairs.  I don't miss living in a construction … [Read more...] about Showertime

Playdoh Creativity Center

The Playdoh Creativity Center is a winner in both parents and kids eyes. If you find you have playdoh and playdoh accessories all over your house, you need one of these! Not only does it have a table for your little one to play on, all of the playdoh and accessories go inside. I know it has been a lifesaver in my house. Now, Madison and I both know where … [Read more...] about Playdoh Creativity Center


Even though this store is farther away from me than Menards and Home Depot, I think Lowe's is my new favorite store. As far as prices go, I think they are pretty much in line with everyone else. However, there are some very specific things that stood out for me when we made a trip out to Orland last week. First, we were looking for a very specific vanity. … [Read more...] about Lowe’s