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Reproductive Health

The Plan For My Uterus

For those who have been following along, I've got an update and a plan we will be following from here on out (if you haven't been following, read here. The post has the links to the older posts too). My post op appointment went well.  My uterus looked good and they pretty much don't know why I'm having the problems I am.  However, we did set up a game … [Read more...] about The Plan For My Uterus

No winning answer

I actually am feeling better, and I thank you all for your support, comments, emails, and everything else.  Now that most of the pain is gone, I'm left just left with my frustration with the whole situation.  Basically, I don't have a ton of options. Option #1 -- Just keep flipping birth controls when it quits stopping my periods.  I've been through either … [Read more...] about No winning answer

The surgery went . . .

As well as could be expected, I guess.  If you don't know what I am talking about, read this and this and it'll catch you up. Everybody back?  Well, they found nothing.  Absolutely nothing wrong with me.  All my bloodwork comes back fine.  Sigh.  So that leaves me with not a lot of choices.  I either have to stick with the birth control that doesn't seem … [Read more...] about The surgery went . . .

Babies, Hormones, and Life Part II

Disclaimer: I talk about womens' bodies and what they do in this post.  :) I while back I wrote this first installment of my Babies, Hormones, and Life experience.  I was hoping it was my last.  However, it isn't and this will explain why my posting has been sporadic at best this last month. I know I have been slacking here.  I have no energy.  None.  … [Read more...] about Babies, Hormones, and Life Part II