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Mel Chemistry

Some days I love my job. There are other days my kids love my job. Today is a day we both what I do. At the Chicago Toy & Game Fair, I was able to meet some amazing entrepreneurs. One of the companies I fell in love with that day was Mel Chemistry. I actually went and talked to them for quite a while. I loved them so much I went and found Bill and the … [Read more...] about Mel Chemistry

The Do’s and Don’ts of Baby Formula

Preparing baby formula isn't hard, but it's important to mix it in the proper ratio of formula to water to make sure that your baby is getting just the right amount of nutrients. Also, because your baby doesn't have much immunity to germs just yet, especially as a newborn, it's important to take precautions to protect him from food borne illnesses. Here's … [Read more...] about The Do’s and Don’ts of Baby Formula

What do you binge watch? #StreamTeam

Before Netflix, I never ever heard of binge watching. However, now that we have Netflix, we binge watch lots of different shows. That is truly the beauty of Netflix -- you may not catch a show in the first run. However, you can totally find the show and catch up now or 10 years from now. Here are a few shows Bill and I binge watch together: House of … [Read more...] about What do you binge watch? #StreamTeam

WD My Cloud EX2

When you work online, your data staying safe and protected is important. Heck, most of us no longer print off our photos and keep them on our computers. I have blog photos, personal photos, contracts, documents, etc. on the laptop that I am typing this on right now. That is why I was happy to try out the WD My Cloud EX2. When you run your own freelance … [Read more...] about WD My Cloud EX2