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saturday and sunday

Why Have You Done So Well On Nutrisystem? – #NSNation Update Week 41 #samp

One of the questions I have actually gotten a lot is "why do you think you've done so well with Nutrisystem?".  I think there is a multifaceted answer to that. First, Nutrisystem takes the guess work out.  You don't have to get so concerned over calories or points or anything.  You order your food each month and then decide each day what to eat.  It is … [Read more...] about Why Have You Done So Well On Nutrisystem? – #NSNation Update Week 41 #samp

Smart Cart

Last year, I wrote about the awesomeness of the Smart Cart I had.  We've used it for a ton of stuff.  My favorite use has to be traveling.  It fits great between the kids in the van, and it holds all their stuff when we are driving up to Green Bay.  I have even used it for Madison's soccer stuff! That is why I had to tell you about the Bigger Smart Cart that … [Read more...] about Smart Cart

Feeling Good About Shopping – #NSNation – Week 11 Update

When you are heavier, shopping is a nightmare.  The majority of my wardrobe was black clothes.  Why?  Because they don't make clothes if you are larger that are stylish and most of them have huge floral patterns that wouldn't look good on anyone!  Now, I still hate shopping, but it is soooo nice to walk into a store and actually find things on a rack. As … [Read more...] about Feeling Good About Shopping – #NSNation – Week 11 Update

#NSNation Update – Week 7

I have to thank you all for your support on my last post.  There is nothing more frustrating than working your butt off and not losing weight.  However, I have been crazy busy over the weekend and I just watched what I ate.  Now, I ate out on Saturday and Sunday night for dinner instead of my Nutrisystem meals.  I was at the International Housewares Show … [Read more...] about #NSNation Update – Week 7