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Sick Kids Part II

Last weekend, Will was the sick kid. This weekend it was Madison. Saturday morning she started throwing up and spent the day doing that till about 6pm Saturday night. However, I don't think Will and Madison had the same bug. Will had it coming out the other end. He only threw up once (the rest would be classified under spit up). She was a big girl. She didn't … [Read more...] about Sick Kids Part II

How was your Thanksgiving?

As you can tell, I haven't been posting since we have been in Green Bay all weekend.  It was a lot of fun, and I plan on writing a few posts about it.  We had dinner with my family Thanksgiving night.  We also had another dinner Saturday night again after my sister got back from visiting her inlaws.  Will didn't sleep while we were there, so Bill and I are a … [Read more...] about How was your Thanksgiving?

Not so good day

Bill is at a golf outing today, so I've been on my own. Normally, not a big deal. However, we started Will on formula this weekend, and he is not doing real well with it. Saturday night he didn't sleep more than 2 hours at a crack. Last night was better. He was up at 11:30, 2:00, and 5:00. He use to sleep 4 - 6 hrs at one crack during the night. The … [Read more...] about Not so good day


Calling all moms!  I have a question.  For the last two days, Will gets into these crying jags that nothing will make him stop crying.  I have tried everything.  After dealing with him for an hour last night, I handed him off to Bill and I kid you not, he stopped crying after about 5 - 7 minutes.  This also worked on Saturday night.  However, Bill isn't … [Read more...] about Colic