Staples Back to School Giveaway!


With Back to School right around the corner, make sure you keep Staples on your list of places to do you back to school shopping. They really have a little bit of everything you may need! From new backpacks to calculators you can roll up to Lego lunchboxes, they definitely have something for everyone! (Seriously, they have a calculator that can roll ...continue reading

FlashKids Giveaway!

Created by educators and parents, Flash Kids offers serious learning tools with a lively, lighthearted approach. Ranging from preschool to sixth grade, Flash Kids provides essential math, reading, and language arts skills in a way that makes learning easy. The popular Write-On Wipe-Off Learning Cards Series introduces kids to basic shapes, letters, and ...continue reading

Scholastic Printable Worksheets

Did your kids get assigned homework over the summer? Madison did! She is suppose to work on journalling, reading, and math. However, she hates flashcards with a passion. (I don't blame her either. They are sooo boring, and if she doesn't learn well with them, what's the point?). However, she loves to do worksheets. That is where Scholastic Printable ...continue reading

Fairy Tales Hair Care

The new school year brings lots of stuff -- homework, sometimes sickness, and sometimes even lice!  I've lucked out that my kids haven't got lice (keeping my fingers crossed) yet.  However, did you know that 85% of all school districts in the US report at least one case of head lice every year?  The majority of those 12 million cases occur in preschool and ...continue reading