Blankity Blank

Blankity-Blank! Word Game is a totally fun challenging word game.  To begin, you draw a card from the box. On the front of the card is an incomplete word with some letters left blank.  (Like T-I--E-)  You write this pattern on an answer sheet.  Now start the timer and in 3 minutes, how many words can you write down replacing the … [Read more...]

Ross Dress for Less $25 Giftcard Giveaway!

Ross Dress For Less

As you all know, I have lost a lot of weight (64 lbs!), so I have to clothes. Since I am still losing weight, I am having to buy new clothes on a semi-regular basis. That can get super expensive. That is why I was excited to be invited to the Grand Opening of Ross in Niles, IL. For me, it was a bit of a drive, but I found out that I had 2 Ross stores a lot … [Read more...]


Take-Out is an exciting numbered dice game that reminds you of the old "shut the box" game but without the big, bulky box. Can you remove all the numbered dice for a score of zero? The game is super easy to play. First, the starting player rolls all 12 dice. The total number of dots on the white dice need to be removed from the red ones. (for example, if … [Read more...]


My family loves playing games. That is why we jumped at the chance to try out Skunked.  Even though the game looks pretty small, it's a lot of fun! The game works like this: 1.  You roll the dice.  Add the dice together.  Now, your end goal is to NOT get any ones.  If you get a 1, you lose your points for that round.  If you roll double 1s, you lose your … [Read more...]