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It seems like fate

As I wrote in my other post, my cousin recently died.  My cousin was beautician and had been doing my mother's hair for the last 33 years.  She really needed a perm, however, she was waiting for my cousin to get better.  Obviously, that did not happen.  My mom made an appointment at the same place that I had my hair done at for my wedding.  We had great … [Read more...] about It seems like fate

happy baby colors

Happy baby colors is a book that gets a lot of use in our house.  Since it is made out of cardboard, both Will (my one year old) and Madison (my four year old) can enjoy it.  Each page of the book lists a color.  Everything on that page is that color and there is a baby dressed in that color.  For example, on the purple page, there is baby dressed in purple … [Read more...] about happy baby colors

Basements and Barstools

I know that my husband is just dying to put a bar in our newly remodeled basement.  That was a plan he always had since we moved here.  Premiere Barstools has so many choices for anyone who is looking for counter stools, extra tall stools, or kitchen bar stools. They have an excellent selection for all of those. Like I said, I personally am looking to … [Read more...] about Basements and Barstools