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I Can See You

This post brought to you by izon, the WiFi camera line powered by Stem Innovation. The content and opinions expressed below are that of My Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings. You better watch out, I'm telling you why . . . . izon Camera is in town!   What is Izon? It is a WIFI security camera that keeps you in touch with what matters most!  You can use this as … [Read more...] about I Can See You

Review: Love You More Than Anything

There's nothing children like better than hearing how much their parents love them! Love You More Than Anything is a rhyming read-aloud book that assures kids in many ways that they're loved more than anything in the world. We get to follow an adorable chipmunk family for a fun outing at the park, a special homemade cake after dinner, and a snuggle before … [Read more...] about Review: Love You More Than Anything

Flashlight Friends

Flashlight Friends are the new huggable, loveable plush animals that foster comfort and security at bedtime.  Flashlight Friends are a cool-to-the-touch, soft glow LED ?ashlight built right into a plush animal’s belly! All you have to do is tap the tummy light twice to turn it on. Best of all, there is a 10-minute auto shut-off. Flashlight Friends are … [Read more...] about Flashlight Friends

Kido'z Browser

Madison is now 5, but she's been online for quiet a while. She actually knows how to use a computer better than her grandmothers! My fear with letting her on sites like Playhouse Disney and Noggin is that it is super easy for her to end up where she shouldn't be.  She has often clicked things she shouldn't.  My fear has always been that somehow she will get … [Read more...] about Kido'z Browser