EcoLiner Hanging Baskets

Avant Garden Decor has a new line of CobraCo Hanging Baskets with EcoLiners. The EcoLiners are made from recycled paper products. They are also designed to reduce watering needs by 50%. For somebody who always forgets to water her plants, that is an awesome feature! Unlike a standard coconut liner, the EcoLiner™ maintains soil moisture longer during the warm … [Read more...]

Leather Bone

This 100% natural leather toy features a double saddle stitched, all natural un-dyed split leather bone shape stretched over high tensile strength Jutey Cotton rope. The end result is a classic tug toy. Available in 2 sizes to please all breeds! Our dog Daisy is a chewer. We have been through so many toys. However, we have had this Leather Bone for almost … [Read more...]

Updating Your Bathroom

When we first moved into our house, our bathroom was pretty old and pretty outdated. I am sure that many people have that issue also. Though, you may think to upgrade the tub or sink. However, many people forget that their bathroom lighting is also important. You can get everything from bathroom chandeliers to sconces to close to ceiling lights. (Side note: … [Read more...]

Toilet Tattoos

                        Toilet Tattoos are a hygienic, reusable, removable, decorative appliqué for the toilet lid. They are hygienic, because they are made from a plastic film, and can be readily wiped clean unlike the cloth cover I use to have. With having a 4 year old boy, you knows … [Read more...]