I’m Not Cute!

Welcome back Baby Owl!  With visions of himself a huge scary sleep sharp-eyed hunting machine, the adorable little creature goes out for a walk in the woods.  Every animal he meets thinks he is so cute, fluffy, and hugable.  Baby Owl doesn't want to be any of those things, so he shouts "I'm not cute!" Then mom comes along and she agrees before … [Read more...]

Avalon Bay 8,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner


I don't know about you, but I hate being hot. Now, here in Illinois, we have had a weird summer. When it is hot, we are melting. Okay, it may not have been that hot and the sign may have malfunctioned, but you get my point. When it is hot, it is hot no matter where you live. Anything that can me more comfortable gets a two thumbs up in my book, so … [Read more...]

Night-Night Sleep Night

Say “nighty-night”—it's animal bedtime all over the world! From the moose in Maine to a Bahama iguana, from the kangaroos in Australia to the pandas in China, sleepy creatures everywhere are ready to rest under blankets of stars. But before they drift into dreams, they send a special kiss to an adorable child—“YOU”—curling up in bed, too. Written in lyrical, … [Read more...]