Vistaprint Giveaway

This giveaway is now over. The winner is Tina Reynolds. Congrats! I remember the days when you had to take you pictures into a photo developing place and then you put them in an album (and I'm not even that old!).  However, with digital cameras, a lot of our pictures often do not see the light of day (which is pretty sad).  I've got vacation pictures, kids … [Read more...]

Tea Party Protesters — What do you want?

I have to admit -- I'm a liberal at heart .  I don't believe that the government should govern our lives 100%, but we do need them.  With Will, we are using the Early Intervention program to help him with speech, so I've come to rely on them somewhat.  We use the government for our schools too (though Madison goes to private school, so the local school gets … [Read more...]

Seriously? Why are we fighting amongst ourselves?

I freaking hate being a woman sometimes.  You don't ever see catfights among men, do you?  Instead of being happy for one another, we fight amongst each other. So the next battle to be fought is that it is so much easier to be a work at home mom than a working mom.  I've got two words for you:  Bite Me.  No, seriously.  I would LOVE to work in an office.  … [Read more...]

Virtual Baby Shower: BuddhiWear Organic Clothing

If you are looking for all organic clothing, then I have the place you need to start shopping  Buddiwear Organic Clothing carries apparel for the entire family and focuses on buying local, supporting small business, and being green.  They use environmentally friendly dyes on all their items, and all of their shirts have a positive flare to them.  The owner of … [Read more...]