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Calling All Spiderman Fans! #Cbias #SpiderManWMT

As you all know, Will is a Spider-man fan. He has seen the movies on DVD. He has his room decorated with Spiderman. He has stuffed Spidermans. He was Spiderman for Halloween last year. Yes, we like Spiderman in this house. That is why we were super excited to pre-order our digital copy of Spiderman and the Mask gift set from Walmart. Will is going to be so … [Read more...] about Calling All Spiderman Fans! #Cbias #SpiderManWMT

Countdown To Christmas: iPlay Music

Madison loves music.  Now, her daddy has taught her to play air guitar.  However, that only works for a little while, and she now wants to learn how to play.  That is where iPlay comes in handy.  There are several different products of theirs you can use. First, no matter what age your kids are, they will like Play Music Together.  Madison and Will both … [Read more...] about Countdown To Christmas: iPlay Music