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Summer Allergies

Ick.  This year they started early, and I am miserable.  Between the throbbing head, runny nose, and sore throat, I think I am going to go insane.  What makes it worse is the construction going on in my basement.  I don't ever remember having my allergies kick in this early though.  I am hoping to run to the grocery store later today (like when Bill gets … [Read more...] about Summer Allergies

I’m Sick . . .

And I can thank my husband for that.  He stayed home from work on Monday and came home sick on Tuesday.  I started with a sore throat yesterday and pretty much feel like shit today.  It sucks having two kids when all you want to do is climb into bed and sleep.  The worse thing is that Bill has a golf outing tomorrow for work, so he won't be home till 9 or 10 … [Read more...] about I’m Sick . . .