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Entrecard Forums Censoring Again

I really do like Entrecard.  I really do.  However, some of the missteps that have occurred over are just crazy.  One of the ongoing missteps is their moderators on their forums.  This was an issue a while back before.  New forums popped up due to the censorship that a lot of the members were feeling on the Entrecard forums.  Seriously, that was how bad it … [Read more...] about Entrecard Forums Censoring Again

Entrecard Changes

I know I have talked about how much I love Entrecard.  They are a great way to drive traffic to your blog and have a great community.  Today, some cool changes took place and some not so cool changes too. First, the cool changes.  Now, you can see how many times a person has dropped their Entrecard on you.  It also lists your last 5 posts that you have … [Read more...] about Entrecard Changes

Whine, Whine, and More Whine

I am guilty of it too. Heck, this post is going to be a whine about whining. I came back today feeling completely refreshed. After checking my email (only 202 messages in my inbox and 2032 in my spam inbox), I checked out some of the forums I hang out in. It was such a downer. Now, I don't mind threads that say I need to rant, because I do that and we … [Read more...] about Whine, Whine, and More Whine