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Ultrasound today

I go for my second 3D ultrasound today. I am trying not to worry to much. I know that they did not see any sign of spinal bifida last time, but it still worries me. We actually have to go again because they need to get better cardiac views. The cool thing is that we get to see the baby again. I think we are going to take Madison with. It will be … [Read more...] about Ultrasound today


We had our ultrasound today. Well, actually, we first met with the genetic counselor and then the ultrasound. We found out our odds of having a baby with spinal bifida is 1/10. So not good but still enough to scare the crap out of me. My AFP was 2.94. The perfect score is 1. However, the range for the test is 1 - 2.5. So I am high, but not too bad. … [Read more...] about Update