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It’s Time to Discuss

I just came across a great site that allows you to state your opinion, and you can see who agrees with you (you can also see how many people disagree with you also!). It is called, and you can totally have a ton of fun on this site. It's super easy to jump in and use. You can state your opinion or just go through the site and vote up (or down) … [Read more...] about It’s Time to Discuss

African Cats

My family and I went to see African Cats last night. For those of you who haven't seen the preview yet, it's a true story about cats on African savanna. You've got Layla (a lioness), Mara (lion cub), Sita (cheetah) and her newborns. The story is truly about them and what it is like to try and survive. Here's a sneak peak: We had many … [Read more...] about African Cats

Illinois Governor Arrested

Only in Illinois, does your governor try to sell a Senate seat. What makes this all the more crazy is that he already was being investigated for other pay-to-play schemes, so how stupid do you have to be?  According to the statement from the FBI, Blagojevich is alleged to have discussed obtaining: a substantial salary for himself at either a non-profit … [Read more...] about Illinois Governor Arrested

Countdown To Christmas: Ethel Gloves

I personally have a lot of outdoor plants. I was actually outside cutting down a lot of my dead plants today. Since I am allergic to life itself, (Yes, you may laugh at that statement. However, I was allergy tested, and I was allergic to every single thing they tested me for,) I always wear gloves when doing any sort of yard work. I love my Ethel Gloves. … [Read more...] about Countdown To Christmas: Ethel Gloves