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Stay At Home Moms Dangerous?

Yes, I am a stay at home mom.  My husband and I chose this for many reasons.  First, daycare is expensive here in Chicago.  I would be working to pay for daycare.  Second, my salary would put us in the next tax bracket.  We would be taxed more if I went to work.  We also decided that we wanted one of us raising our kids -- not a daycare worker.  Yes, I have a … [Read more...] about Stay At Home Moms Dangerous?

Tastefully Simple

One of my really good friends in Green Bay has started her own business. I am so proud of her. It is Tastefully Simple. Like me, she is a stay at home mom who also runs a daycare out of her house. She needs a bit more spending cash, so she decided to try this. I just put in an order for her. If you interested in ordering, let me know. The really cool … [Read more...] about Tastefully Simple