Saving Money, Stocking Up #NotGoingAnywhere #ad

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Hello, winter!  How much snow do you have in your area?  We just had 29 hours of snow where I live!  This is just a few hours into the snowfall.   We ended up snowblowing 3 times today. On top of the snow, we also are getting blistering cold.  With this cold weather, every is running to the grocery store for supplies.  The next two days are going to be … [Read more...]

Fish Tanks


Swallow Aquatics is renowned as “Britain’s Number One Aquatic Experts” for good reason. With arguably the best range of aquatics supplies on offer anywhere in the UK, they are confident that you will find all your aquatics needs. As a family who has had fish for years (and writing this post is making me want to set up our tank again!), finding a great tank … [Read more...]

Diaper Post

Diaper Post is a website that I slap myself in the head and wonder "why didn't I think of that?!" This is an absolutely brilliant website. What Diaper Post does is help people with extra baby diapers (and who doesn't have these!) get in touch with other parents who need those diapers!  As any parent can tell you, you stock up on baby diapers when they are … [Read more...]

Countdown To Christmas: Paper Shouts

Another site that has great Christmas cards is Paper Shouts. They have Traditional, Vintage and Modern designs, so there is something here for everyone. You can get cards where you can put your kids photos on them (my favorite) or just the traditional cards without that. The paper is quality card stock and is printed on 100% recycled, high-quality, uncoated … [Read more...]