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Kids Halloween Costumes – Luigi

Will had a tough time picking out what costume he wanted to wear this year. We spent a lot of time on figuring out who he should be. The problem is that he had too many ideas of who to be! However, we were able to narrow it down: Is Will not the cutest Luigi ever? He was beyond excited when it showed up. I love this costume too. It … [Read more...] about Kids Halloween Costumes – Luigi

Help Giveaway!

As I've blogged before, I live at Walgreens some weeks. One of the product lines they carry that I absolutely love is Help. Help recently announced the launch of help I’m nauseous. Just in time for summer, help I’m nauseous saves you from the stomach-churning perils of being sandwiched in the middle seat on airplanes, riding in the back of the station wagon … [Read more...] about Help Giveaway!

#NSNation Update – Week 1

I've been on Nutrisystem for about a week. I've had good days -- I've had bad days but I stuck it out (even when my kids got McDonalds and popcorn and cotton candy). Now, I lost almost 4 lbs from the time I ordered my Nutrisytem food to when I actually got the food and got to start the system. So I lost 4 pounds without even trying! (If it could only we that … [Read more...] about #NSNation Update – Week 1

Sick, Sick, Sick

Yuck.  I hate winter.  I hate getting sick.  I certainly hate getting sick when nobody in my house is sick either.  The kids still want to bounce off the walls.  I just want to lay in bed under the covers and dream of seo services or make that Brad Pitt.  :)  The crazy thing is that I'm not sure what's wrong.  I've got the sneezes.  I'm freezing.  I'm dizzy. … [Read more...] about Sick, Sick, Sick