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Redesigning your yard

That's my goal for the next week or so. Now that we've done the siding, I want to pretty up the yard. We are talking about taking down one of the trees in the front of the house (the guy is coming on Wednesday to give us an estimate. We'll see about removing said tree. LOL It's about 90 ft tall so it's not going to be cheap). We added a shed last … [Read more...] about Redesigning your yard

Higher! Higher!

Another great book by Leslie Patricelli is Higher, Higher.  This is another hit in my house.  What parent hasn't had our children want us to push them higher and higher on their swing?  I know that Madison always wants that!  This book is about the crazy imagination kids have while we are pushing them higher on the swings like being taller than giraffe and a … [Read more...] about Higher! Higher!

I’ve been busy . . .

Which is why I haven't been posting here too often.  This last week has been a long and trying week for us.  Nothing major has went wrong -- just a ton of little things.  I took last weekend off, and I just never got back into the swing of things. The highlights of my week -- Will getting diagnosed again with impetigo and we got new cable, satellite, and … [Read more...] about I’ve been busy . . .

Bluehost Woes

I am seriously upset/angry/frustrated, and I am not sure what other emotions I am feeling either (and no this isn't about those cicadas that have decided to leave their casings on our swing sets). Instead, this is a post about my hosting company. I have talked a lot of great things about Bluehost. They have always done right by me until now.  I sat through … [Read more...] about Bluehost Woes