Skylanders SWAP Force Preorder Incentive at Target

Will is a HUGE Skylander fan, so I had to pass along this news!Available now, those who pre-order Skylanders SWAP Force at Target will receive the first-ever magic pre-sell cards that will unlock an in-game upgrade when Portal Masters place it on their SWAP Force Portal of Power.Also, those who reserve a Skylanders SWAP Force Starter Pack at ...continue reading

Mr. Lid

Sometimes I like to use my blog as a platform for good. As you all know, I am from Green Bay Wisconsin, so when I see a company in Wisconsin good, I like to applaud them for it. If they make a great product, all the better!Mr. Lid is the company I want to tell you about. As a mom, I always have leftovers and Mr. Lid has one of those products that you ...continue reading

Halloween Dog Photo Costume Contest


As many of you know, we have a dog, so I have a great Halloween giveaway for all of you who have dogs! It is time to pull out those old photos of your little dogs (or big ones) in a Halloween costume. If you don't have any, make sure you take some!Yes, that is my dog in a cowboy hat. Before she tried to eat it, of course! One lucky winner from this ...continue reading

Astrobrights Back To School Giveaway!

For parents, it’s time to celebrate! The kids are going back to school and the only thing standing in the way of utter freedom –- the back-to-school shopping list. Last year Americans spent $70 billion on back-to-school and college merchandise and that number is only going to soar in 2012.  On top of the list this school season is Astrobrights Paper. It’s ...continue reading